Unless, of course, their main source of income or livelihood is into being a wedding coordinator.

With that being said, I’ve shot nuptials where the wedding coordinator was one of the people I mentioned above. Let’s start with why the bride should not be the wedding coordinator.

Some brides coordinate their wedding themselves because they taught (or think) they can do it. They’re the driven, competitive, go-go-go, never-say-die kind of women. They believe that planning in advance, or coming up with a comprehensive checklist, or having family and friends to support them would make up for the lack of a professional wedding coordinator. They would be saving a lot of money right?

Well, money is all they will save because there is going to be the distinct possibility that they would be distracted, irritated, annoyed and generally not wholesome on the day of their wedding. There are a lot of variables that are involved in staging a successful wedding. There will be so many people to talk to: relatives, friends, and suppliers. Not everything will go on as planned. As a consequence, brides, in their stress and frustration can bitch out at the suppliers that they hire, at the first sign of mistakes or fulfilments that does not meet their arrangement.

There are, of course, certain kind of women who can plan their own wedding, but they are a rare breed. Based on my experience, I do not believe that the majority of women can do that. It is simply too much for a bride.

By the way, do you know what is worse? The bride coordinating their own wedding won’t look great or even nice in her wedding pictures. This kind of situation usually ends up in a bride who looks so stressed out and tired in front of the camera. Her photos will not be as good as when she had professional help.

There are soo many details involved that it would be insane for a bride to coordinate their own wedding. So dear brides-to-be. Don’t put the burden of coordinating your wedding by yourself. Hire a professional. Don’t ruin your honeymoon.

Angry bride photo created by teksomolika – www.freepik.com
Featured Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

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