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Watchmen on the Walls Congress

On NOVEMBER 15, SATURDAY, Peter and Christine Darg, The Jerusalem TV hosts, are holding a Watchman on the Wall Congress where they will talk on the Wars in the Middle East, Israel and the destiny of the nations. Christine will pray and minister in healing at the end of the Congress.  

They are giving this seminar for FREE. It is open to all, sponsored by Jerusalem Channel. It will be held at CCF ST. FRANCIS SQUARE (right behind Megamall). The Congress is from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

There will also be showings of videos on the special relationship between the Philippines and Israel, and Rescue in the Philippines, a trailer preview of Nazi Holocaust survivors who found safe refuge in the Philippines during WWII.  

There are 3000 seats available, so come one, come all!

Many, many thanks for blessing Israel, the Dargs and the people who will come to know the loving heart of the God of Israel by helping us promote their Congress.


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