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The fastest way to contact me is via celphone at 0918-940-4967!

I am not a full time photographer but people, friends and acquaintances, usually ask me how much I charge to shoot. For those who need to know and is interested on getting my services, below are my standard rates:

Wedding: PhP20,000

Inclusion: This includes two talented and creative photographers shooting the wedding from the time of the couples’s preparation up to the end of the reception. There is usually a photo session that may last for at least 30-45 minutes which the couple should always put in the schedule.

Deliverables: In a typical wedding, the quantity of photos may range from 900 to 1600 shots. Mostly because I always shoot two successive photos to ensure that I don’t get someone whose eyes are closed. I then edit the shots to the best ones. This means to around 500 to 700 shots submitted to the couple on disc.

Turnaround: Submission of discs should happen between a week or two. Basic color and tonal correction is done and a bit of post-processing and retouching.

Optional: 40-page 11 x 14 leather wedding album. Cost: 15,000 inclusive of layout fee (see wedding album tab.)

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Debut: PhP 6,000

Inclusions: I shoot a debut much like a wedding and so entails almost the same amount of effort. I will shoot from the time the debutante is preparing up to when the festivities ends. When possible, there is also a photo session before the start of the event.

Deliverables: Same with the wedding. The quantity of shots are almost the same, sometimes more. Final photos will be submitted on disc.

Turnaround: Same with the wedding. This is not a joke.

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Kid’s party/Child Dedication: PhP3,500

Inclusions: I show up at the venue usually an hour before and if the child is in a good mood, I conduct a photo session with the family. I cover the ceremony up to the end of the reception.

Deliverables and Turnaround: I leave a copy of all the shots with minor color and tonal correction minus all the obvious rejects immediately after the party. The photos will be on disc and in jpeg format.

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Private Portrait Sessions: Starts at PhP1,000 for a one or two people, additional PhP500 for every succeeding subject (children, friends) including pets.

Inclusions: I will shoot the subject(s) at the required location for a minimum of 2 hours to a max of three for any number of change of wardrobe that can be accommodated by the time. Time to change and make-up is included in the period so it is ideal that the subject(s) are already made-up at the start of the session. The period does not include travel time to and from the location.

Deliverables: All the best photos from the photo session. Images will have been color corrected and post-processed.

Corporate Events: Depends of the scale, length and size of the event. Inclusions: Coverage of the whole event. The number of photos will vary.

Turnaround:Finished images are submitted usually in a week but may be earlier depending on the urgency.

Wedding Album Design: PhP5,000

Inclusions: I also design wedding albums even if I did not shoot them. The photographer can choose to give preselected photos of up to 150 shots. These will be the required images in the album. I usually ask for the rest of the photos so that in the event that I may need a few more, I can do so without further delay. The photographer can also choose to let me decide what photos to include and how it is treated.

Deliverables: The compete and finished album files will be submitted to the client in disc form ready for printing.

Turnaround: Two to four weeks. Related page: Johnnie and Lana’s Wedding Album | Jun and Angie’s Wedding Album

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