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Review: EPSON L110 Inkjet Printer

UPDATE: A popular comment on this post is the issue of the ink resetter, where to find it and how to use it. I was confounded because I have yet to use it. Since I use the Mac version of the printer, the utilities that came with the EPSON install disc included an ink resetter. I just found out that the Windows version does not have it. I do not know if it was intentional or not. I hope this helps!

I did not realise that Epson now has a CIS (Continuous Ink System) inkjet in their line-up until I saw one today at the Octagon Computer Store in SM Megamall. My wife wanted to have a printer that she can use to print materials for our son that we home school. Emy also wanted a printer so that our son would not have to go outside at night just to have a document printed. I understood.

I have had a bias for Epson printers as I started using them over 18 years ago right with their very first inkjet printer, the Stylus Color. It was a great printer but a costly one at that, well that was the first one to come out, so its normal. I then graduated to a A3+ sized printer, then to thermal wax, then to a color laser which we use today in our office.

Now back to the Epson L110. I was very interested with this model. Aside from it was only one of two models I would be choosing from. The rest were multifunction printers. I was particularly drawn to the price of the ink. The L110 uses four inks to create a full-color image. Since it was a big and continuous ink system, I knew that it would be a boon to printing. I also got hooked with price of a 70ml bottle of ink–P295! I thought that was a great price point! Epson even claims that you can print 4000 black pages from a single bottle. You’ll have to read the fine print on that. I would give it the benefit of the doubt though.

Arriving home, I proceeded to set up the printer. I really advise that you read the manual first before even taking out the unit from the box–which I did. It was not the usual hook it up to your computer and turning it on. Nope! You will have to fill the ink tanks first before you even turn it on or connect the supplied USB cord.

I will not bore you with the details but let me just say that EPSON did a good job of making sure that the process of filling the ink tanks won’t be messy. The four ink bottles were easy to open. You just have to snap off a portion of the tip and taking out a seal inside the bottle that prevented leaks.

Nice one! Except for the magenta seal being harder to pull (my thumb is still sore), everything proceeded smoothly, just be sure to follow the manual and don’t assume anything. I was surprised that the 70ml bottle filled the tank to this upper line showing its full. No more and no less.

After I finished filling the tanks. I turned the printer on and followed the procedure to initialise the printer. EPSON said that it may take 20 minutes r so to finish. Boy that was long. So I had dinner first while waiting for the printer to finish.

I then proceeded to install the printer driver on my Mac Mini running OSX Snow Leopard. Again, there was a cautionary note in the manual to not yet connect the USB cord until told do so. I wondered who will tell me. 😎

Installing the printer driver on the Mac was easier compared to my experience in the Windows platform, but EPSON was handholding me throughout the process. Suffice to say that I finished installing the driver and WAS told by the computer to connect the USB cord and turn the product on. But the printer was still on. So…I turned it off. And on again.

I printed an image my son downloaded from the internet to test out the quality. This printer was fast. In its default settings, I think it finished printing a letter sized image in  under 10 seconds. Not too bad and the image quality was surprisingly good! I must confess that it has been a long time since I’ve scrutinised an inkjet print. So forgive if I seem to be impressed by the printer.

Printing a greyscale image of the same size was faster. Probably under 7 seconds. So I was satisfied with my purchase.

I will try to print a high resolution photo in the coming days so I can really squeeze it for what it is worth. I am not keeping my hopes up though. This is a four ink printer, not the 12-ink behemoths that churn our archival fine art prints. This is just a home/office printer of course.

Overall I am satisfied with the EPSON L110. Did I mention that the printer costs 5,795 pesos? Now if it can only cook fries….




    • Thanks for taking the time to checkout my review, No, I don’t remember entering any ink code. 😎

      • I’m with Edwin. No Code to fill in instalation, so the ink levels not shown on display (lcd/monitor). We have to see the ink level on the tanks directly.
        No manual (pdf/epson web) given how to enter this code into L110 series.

  2. how is the colour print quality of epson L110 PRINTER VIS-A-VIS hp inkjet colour inkjet printer of similar range-single use.

    • Oh, the color quality is very good considering that I printed a photo I shot using plain-old book paper. I’ll be trying Epson photo paper when I get the chance to find and buy them so I will update this post when I am able to do that.

  3. hi i need help, EVERYTIME i use my l110 .. blank ink wont print out do i always have to tansport? pls help

    • Hello Nicol! Have you tried cleaning the printhead using the utility software that came with the printer? You should do that first and probably a few times. Im sure that you checked if there is ink in the tank. I also had this experience that the hose coming from the cyan ink tank got squeezed in the housing that no ink was flowing even though I cleaned the head so many times. You may want to check that out.

  4. I really can’t print on it. I don’t know why >.< s help!!!!

  5. hi, do you need to remove the rubber stoppers on the small holes? i would reach the manual if i could but i think that’s whats causing the ink to not come out.

    • I want to print .pdf doc actually. And I want a printer which will be cheap as well as the printing cost also will be cheap. So, I would like to know from the reviewers that is this printer ( EPSON L110) would be suitable for ,y purpose. PLZ REPlY SOON.

      • Yes, printing from the Epson L110 is cheap by my standards but it does produce reasonable quality prints.

        • sir unsaon nako pag print dli ko maka print !!! ayaw pag english sir ha kay dili ko maka sabot…. sir need help

    • yup! you need to get those out. you only put those rubber stoppers when you’re moving the printer. it won’t allow the air to move in an let the ink flow.

  6. I ran a LANshop and bought printers from Canon and HP. Since both companies DO NOT have CIS, I was forced to engage 3rd party CIS providers, which, sadly, is just a waste of money.

    I had thought of buying Epson L110 since it came out in the market and your review made my mind up.


    • I am glad that my review helped! God bless!

  7. I got mine for 5,450!

    • Where did you get yours at that price?

  8. Can anyone upload a document’s(.pdf file) photo printed from the EPSON L110 printer. Thnx Edwin.

  9. Hi, I having trouble with epson L110. My PC is using windows 7 64bit OS.
    after a successful installation, as I test print, an message appears and it says COMMUNICATION ERROR.

    Though I’ve used the printer already to my netbook and to another pc running in windows xp. but with win 7 prof 64bit still the same problem.

    Please help me with this.. Thanks!!!

    • Your problem is just the driver you installed is for 32-bit OS only. You need to install a driver that is suited for your OS. Just check on Epson site for the driver.

  10. can i use sublimation ink on epson l110………does the printer has a rip software or color seperation……

    • Hello! I do not think you can use sublimation inks on this unit because it does not use the same process. This does not have a RIP software nor can you do color separation. This is a home-office printer that you can use to print simple documents, color or black white. HTH.

  11. Have you tried already to print on photo paper?
    How’s the quality?

    • Hi Dave! Apologies but I have not yet tried using photo paper with the printer. My wife uses it to print study materials for our son and she prints a lot of them.

      • I tried printing high quality photos on Epson Photo Glossy paper and this printer L110. I put all settings to the highest quality position. I also put high quality 16 bit color depth tiff photo file. The printing process of one photo on the (almost) full page A4 size took some time… But I was really positively surprised with the very good quality of the resulting print.
        This printer has only 4 inks and it’s not named by Epson as a photo printer. But comparing to my older Epson Stylus Photo R340 with 6 inks the quality is better from L110. The same photo on the same paper. Also tried to do similar settings (not totally possible because of different software for L110 and R380).

        • Hey that is good news! Where did you buy your Epson paper? I also want to try it out.

  12. how about windows xp

  13. Hi I want to purchase l110.. I just wanted to know is it possible to refill universal ink or just a genuine ink only… thanks…

    • I suggest you use the original Epson inks. They are just 300 pesos per bottle. You’ll just regret it if your printer goes sideways because of generic inks. Anyway, 300 pesos, in my book is cheap already.

  14. Hello!

    I’ve been trying to print on 4×6 photo papers without much success. I loaded the paper in portrait orientation but the roller could not take the paper inside. On the other hand, when the paper is fed in landscape orientation, the paper goes in but the printing orientation is still in portrait. Same thing happens when I choose landscape mode in the printer settings (still prints in portrait). I tried selecting user defined size and set it to 6×4 but the minimum height in landscape mode is 6×5. Other than this the printer works fine. Kinda going nuts over this because I was planning to print my old pics for archiving and bought a lot of 4×6 photo papers. Please help me! 🙂

    • Hello Arli! It would help if you can let me know what operating system you are using (Windors or Mac) and the software used to print (Photoshop, etc.). Thanks and God bless!

  15. Hi, Arli try to use 180 GSM photo paper.

  16. bakit ganun pag nagpiprint ako ng walang color black na nalabas, help namn dyan edwin, thanks

    • Hello Chad! In my case naipit sa loob ng printer ung hose ng black ink. You may want to check it out.

      • waaaahhh!!! sakin ung magenta na hose ang naipit! got so scared kala ko di na maaayos ung supoosed ‘clog’! after i saw the hose na naipit, i did 3 headcleans and two nozzle prints… first nozzle print marami spaces ung magenta… second nozzle print… VOILA! ayos ang problema! thanks! buti na lng i came across this forum… thank you!

        • Im glad this article helped you. God bless!

  17. Sana may magtry mag print sa photopaper,,kung ok ba quality
    nito kapag photo na.
    gusto ko sana bumili nito pang photo printer
    hindi kasi kaya ng budget yung l800.

    • With the Printer specs, I am sure it can print on photo in its Best Quality as well. The Normal Epson T13 can print Good quality once it is set into Best Quality Print. Or if you are not sure, just buy the Epson L300 series.

    • good quality…use plain paper in printing

  18. Salamat sa Review sir Edwin balak ko po bumili nitong printer. for small business sa tingin nyo po sir aabot ng 4000 pages ung 70ml ng black ink?
    merun na ba naka experience mg print sa photopaper?

    • It’s depend on the printer settings for it to print 4000 pages using only 70mL of blank ink, if it’s on fast draft, good quality and best quality. And even the content of the pages if it’s pure text monochrome or with grayscale photo.

    • in my case mukang possible yung 4000 pages kasi nakaprint na ako 1ooo pages nasaq 1/4 p lang nababawas sa tangke nya

  19. Hi, same prblem with Mat…

    “Hi, I having trouble with epson L110. My PC is using windows 7 64bit OS.
    after a successful installation, as I test print, an message appears and it says COMMUNICATION ERROR.
    Though I’ve used the printer already to my netbook and to another pc running in windows xp. but with win 7 prof 64bit still the same problem.
    Please help me with this.. Thanks!!!”

    Pls someone help….Thank you….

    • In my experience, this problem appears when the USB cable to the printer is loose. Try to isolate the problem by testing the cable on other devices. Then use the USB port in your computer where you connect your printer with another USB cable that you know works.

      • sir edwin anu po ba ang pinaka best na quality na gagamitin pag mag print nang docs napa karaming docs kasi yung na print ko using standard at ngayon parang di na maganda yung labas eh.. ano po ba maipapayo mo? high quality ba dapat gamitin ko o standar lang. thank you po

    • The problem is just the driver you installed is for 32-bit OS only. You need to install a driver that is suited for your OS. Just check on Epson site for the driver.

  20. please help…need L110 ink resetter…baka naman po my alam kau website na nag ooffer nun for free….dko magamit ung L110 ko…thanks

  21. i have a problem with my L110 printer, it says ink reset level daw 🙁
    you guys have resetter?

  22. Help please… i got Epson L110 error, the paper light and the ink light doesn’t stop flashing and i could’t print…Tell me what to do please

    • Did you had a paper jam? Make sure that there are no more bits of paper left.

  23. how to reset ink levels? i have done refilling the ink using genuine inks but how come a warning still appears to reset ink level? pls help me on this..

  24. How many print epson l-110 print without any error of massages.

  25. hi ir edwin,

    just want to ask, up to ilang gsm po ba ang paper weight na ideal for L110?

    Ever since kasi nanabili ko un, 20 pages pa lg na 4r size na photo paper ang na print ko na nasa 180gsm lg… but the problem is may nakikigamit na ngpprint ng a4 size in full colors sa printer ko and not only once but many times na po album na ata ang ginagawa ang mga nasa more than 20 sheets na nasa 270gsm and paper weight. worried po ako kasi bka masira ang thread d ko naman mapagsabihan ni hindi nga alam na ako ang may ari.

    May possiblity po ba na masisira un ng mas maaga? or ano lg po ba talaga ang ideal paper weight and pwede.


    • Hello! the Epson L110 should not be used with 270 GSM paper. That is to thick. You may ruin your printer head’s motor or break a gear if you continue using that. i believe 90 gsm is the max that you can use.

      • Hi Edwin,
        We are using 180 gsm 4r photopaper. is this bad for the printer? sobrang nipis na po yun eh. Thanks and more power!

        • There should be no problem. I use a Kodak brand photopaper. The quality is not that good though that is why i am on the look for an Epson brand to try out.

  26. Hi…kaya ba ng L110 mag print ng 4×6 borderless? cuz in my present printer, which is not epson, hindi kaya mag print borderless. there’s always a blank space at end of the paper. and worst of all, it crops the picture.

  27. HI.. Gud day.. pede po ba gamitin ung Epson L110 sa pag print ng ID pictures… .. may nakapag try n po ba sa inyo??

    Salamat po sa mag rereply…

  28. Hi Edwin,
    I have brought this printer yesterday and worried about its performance.After reading your comments on it, I am so much relived. Thanks.
    Also can you please tell me about L110 ink re-setter.


    • Any thought on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • just contact EPSON CUSTOMER SERVice para sa ink reset. I got the same warning before, but I called their customer service and she guide me on how to do the ink reset. 😀 DON’T TRY THE 3RD PARTY resetter na nakikita sa net. BELIEVE ME, you won’t be needing that! The process is so simple! 😀

  29. hi, good day hmm okie nmn ang L110 but i exprienced a big problem re. color combination ng last day un nag come out sa colored lahat black lng and nagiging result ayaw mag work ng colored tas next day nag print ako ayaw nmn mag workout ng black, now nmn grey na lng ayw na ng colored and black baket ganun laht na ng process nagawa nmn and hnd pa nmn kami nag rerefil nang colored kasi marami pa black pa lng na refil nmn mga 5days palng kami nag- refil but sad kasi parang nag aatitude un L110.. please help nmn po thank you 🙂

  30. Hello admin, does epson l110 has a waste ink tank? and do we have to drain the waste ink after few months?

    • I don’t think it has. What I do believe it has is a sponge that absorbs excess ink from the head.

  31. Hello!

    I have the problem that you can see on the following picture:

    It may seem that it uses an excess of ink, I have no problem with the light colors that I print, in the dark ones I always have this problem and this is a brand new printer!

    Thanks in advance!

    • The link you provided is not working. 8-(

  32. ayaw mag-print. kkabili ko lang ng printer, nung tnest naman sa shop ngprint pgdating sakin ayaw pa din. blank pa din yung paper sa printing.

    • sakin ayaw mgprint inaalis, walang manaul kaya hindi ko alam ang gagawin >_< buti nkita ko ung review mo kaya napacomment ako.

      • Hello Selah! MAraming causes kung bait ayawa magprint ang isang printer. From the power supply, cables loose or ink not set right. You may want to check that setting for transporting your printer that will lock the ink wells in place. Baka di mo naibalik. Wala sa tabi ko ngaun ung Epson L110 so I will have to let you know later kung nasaan ung lever na un. It is supposedly near the ink cartridges. You switch it kasi when you are transporting the printer.

  33. pwede ba ang epson l110 para sa small printing business like pisoprinting? pwede ba aq makalagay ng universal ink/ or still using epson ink for my small business? which is which?

    • I think pwede naman provided na aware ka sa ink coverage ng pini-print mo. I would suggest na original epson ink na ang gamintin mo since 300 pesos na lang naman ang isang cartridge. 😎

  34. is true that madaling matuyo ang ink print ng epson for ciss compared to any other brand competitors., then it would stuck up nlang eventually?

    • I do not have an idea. Sorry. But not using the printer continously or regularly may contribute to ink clogging the heads.

  35. Hi Edwin,

    I seems that I am unable to print MS Excel files using epson L110 printer. to date, we are still trying to look for a fix. Printing pdf, doc, docx or pub files has never been a problem. I am hoping that you can help us solve this printing issue.

    Thanks in advance!

  36. Sir.
    I’m looking farrowed to but EPSON L110. My questions are, i)if I do not print over 20-25 days, could be there any problem in printer head? ii) what is the maximum approx days that these ink bottles are remain usable? Please reply.

  37. Where can I buy one here in USA?

  38. gud morniung po. yng epson L110 ko walang lumalabas na ink. nung una nagprint naman sya after 10 pages me smudges na. tapos buong pages punong puno na lng ng ink wala na yng image. tapos ngayn its acting as if its printing something pro blank page lng. help nman po. naclean ko na yng head, poer flushed ink na ren po. also checked the lever pro wala pa ren

    • As I mentioned in the article, check mo if clear ung mga maliliit na hose coming from the ink cartridge. Make sure na hindi sya blocked. IT happened to me. MAloka-loka na ako sa kaiisip kung ano ang nangyari. 😎

  39. Dear Edwin,
    I’m looking forrowed to but EPSON L110. My quarries are, i) if I do not print over 20-25 days, could be there any problem in printer head? ii) what is the maximum approx days that these ink bottles are remain usable? Please reply.

  40. after installing that l110epson printer, i wonder why i can’t print from my micro. excel files?i need answer on how to solve this problem ’cause i was trying to do so but nothing happens. thank you

  41. Hello! everyone…i m looking for inkjet printer with best photo quality. Can anyone help me out..Confused to choose the right one

  42. hello,i hope you could help me what to do.two weeks ko pa lng nabili L110 printer ko,last saturday morning nakapagprint pako then nung gabi blank paper na lang lumalabas..until now d ko sya magamit.please help me.tnx.

    • Hello Ella! Check the hose that goes from the cartridge to the print head. Baka naipit. It happened to me.

    • hi…i checked it already but still ganun parin…this time nag blink lang yung lyt near the power button…do i need to bring it na sa service center?

  43. Hello! Edwin Sir…i m looking for inkjet printer with best photo quality. Can u plz help me out..Confused to choose the right one

  44. i have a problem with my epson l110 ink lights keeps on blinking..

    i can still print.

    • Did you had a paper jam? Please check if there are fragments of paper stuck in the paper path. Let me know what happens. God bless!

      • Edwinda amader prasner uttor dan na kano?

      • no paper jam, i got a warning that ink level setting needs to be reset soon. how do i do that.

        thanks in advance.

        • hi..i have the same problem with you..please advise what did you do

  45. Hi..have you tried printing at best quality full A4 size? How long did it finish? 4 ink tanks are known to be very slow with Epson compared to 6 although quality is still at par… the Epson T13/T20e and L100 produced full A4 pictures at roughly 11 minutes… I wish it was about 4-5 mins..

  46. Hi…i bought epson L110 last’s my second time refilling the ink but after doing so..nagbiblink pa dn ung red indicator which says “its nearly time tot reset the ink levels”..ano po pd gawin..thank you po..

  47. Im thinking of replacing our cis printer with this epson l110. before i do i wanna know how many times can i reset this printer. the previous t13 cis comes with a resetter chip and there no limit to how many times it can be reset as long as the resetter board is in good condition and it can be replaced if not.

    • Thank you for writing Nyeng. Honestly, I have not yet reset my printer so I cannot say anything about. I have been reading it a lot in the comments but cannot provide any help because I have not yet encountered this.

    • Hello! I just found out that in the Windows version of the EPSON L110 software suite, there is no ink resetter. Ever since I started using the L110, I’ve used it on a Mac which, oddly enough, has an ink resetter software. Although I’ve to use the resetter, it is some sort of a relief to know that I am covered.

  48. Hello…! Sir,
    Hope you are fine.

    I want to know.

    L110 or L300 which printer is the best for Professional Quality Photo Printing.

    Thank you.

    • I have not used the L300 for pro quality photo and I think, being a photographer, the L110 is not for pros. If I can test the L110 with Epson branded paper then I may give you a better answer, but I can’t find any. 8-(

  49. Hello, great review man!
    You said at the beginning that you want to print a high quality photo and show us the result. It would be great and unseen 🙂 if you could do that and if you would do in the same time a “micro” close up of the print with some grays in it, a human face and some small and large texts – IT WOULD BE PERFECT! Thanks in advance and sorry for the writing mistakes.

  50. Comment
    i want to buy l110 pero nagdalawang isip ako bigla regarding sa reseter huhuhu…. tulong naman diyan.. may reseter ba ang l110 para na hindi nakailangan pa pumunta sa service center???

    • Hello! I just found out that in the Windows version of the EPSON L110 software suite, there is no ink resetter. Ever since I started using the L110, I’ve used it on a Mac which, oddly enough, has an ink resetter software. Although I’ve to use the resetter, it is some sort of a relief to know that I am covered. I’ve just installed the Windows version that is why I’ve just found this out.

  51. Hi Edwin,
    I have brought this printer 4 months back and is working fine so far. Also can you please tell me about L110 ink re-setter. Any setting or tuneup is required after refilling ink.


    Read more:

  52. hi may i know how long can the ink last? Is the 4k pages really true?

  53. I followed every step on the manual, and tried printing, but always a blank page comes out.

    • A couple of things. Check the hoses that come from the cartidges to the head. Make sure it is not obstructed.

    • Press the RESUME button for about 5 seconds, off; * Repeat press the Resume button about 3 Seconds, Release; * Press the button once and quickly Resume. 🙂 Try this.

  54. how to reset ink level low?….my printer says need to reset ink low level and starts blinking… pls. help epson L110

  55. how to reset ink level low?….my printer says need to reset ink low level and starts blinking… pls. help epson L110 …

    • The Mac version of the Epson printer driver and utilities has an ink resetter software. Sadly, the Windows version does not.

    • just contact EPSON CUSTOMER SERVice para sa ink reset. I got the same warning before, but I called their customer service and she guide me on how to do the ink reset. 😀 DON’T TRY THE 3RD PARTY resetter na nakikita sa net. BELIEVE ME, you won’t be needing that! The process is so simple! 😀

      Read more:

      • why not lagay mo dito ang process at ng matulungan mo kami….

      • Any news regarding this red blinking thing how to fix it. i already fill all ink tanks but the red/orange light keeps blinking

        • Hello John Benedict! I will callEpson today. Will get back to you. God bless!

  56. to users experiencing blank page issue while using L110:

    provided that all the pre-installation instructions were followed correctly, [e.g. ink charging properly executed, transportation lock is off] a Power Ink Flushing solved the issue for me…

  57. Good afternoon. We have an Epson L110 printer. Problem is, we can no longer print documents. We had the printer less than a month. After several head cleaning made, we had no choice but to do power ink flushing. After doing so, print out comes out blank. Any ideas on what we could to to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sam, find out if the connection from the ink cartridges are ok. As I have narrated in the article, the hose coming from the cartridge going to the heads were inadvertently sandwiched and no ink cold flow.

  58. Why does my Excel cannot recognized my Epson L110…before it could recognized it but now it doesn’t…same as my adobe…somebody help??pleeeeaassseee!!!!

    • Hello! Excel only sees what your system provides as printers. It is not the fault of the Epson L110 printer. Make sure that the printer is properly installed on your system. You can find out by going to your Control Panel if you are on Windows or Systems Preferences on the Mac.

  59. hello Edwin.

    ask ko kasi yung L110 after ko mag ng about 7000 pages need na syang ireset which i think normal, kaya lng after the reset pag nag print ako may leak ung ink nya sa ilalim..
    iniisip ko kung full na kaya yung waste tank ng printer?

    hindi kasi sya tulad ng iba CISS na printer na may external waste tank..
    pls help
    thanks in advance!

    • Hello GB! Sadly, I have not reached that point yet. I do not think the issue is because of the reset. The best thing to do is call Epson Tech Support. I had a good experience talking with them.

    • boss gb, gumagamit k po ba ng generic dye inks? thank u God bless!

      • thank you mga sir..

        froi never pa ko naglagay ng generic ink sa printer ko, mostly kasi sa photo ko sya gamit kaya need ko ng good quality printing..

        iniisip ko kasi bka sa waste pad siya baka puno na..

  60. Hi,

    my L110 is not printing hwwwaaa. please help

    • You need to give more details. There are alot of reasons why you cannot print.

  61. I was told by the sales person to leave the printer ON at all times so as to have less problems with ink clogging. Is this true. How do you use your printer?

    • hmmm…my personal preferences is to turn it off. but its a personal preference. Wala pa naman akong problem.

  62. pwede po bang malaman kung pwede gumamit ng generic ink sa pag refill instead if original epson ink? yung totoong sagot po sa may experience huwag po sana haka haka lang pero hindi po naman nasubukan. salamat po in advance God bless!

    • Hello Froi! Di ko balak gumamit ng thrid party na ink with regards sa L110. Mura na kasi ang ink at 300 pesos per bottle kaya di na ako magbakasakali.

      • Thanks for the response sir edwin. Antagal kong di nakapasyal sa thread an ito. Nakabili na po ako ngayon pero L300 ang model. Hindi ko pa nasusubukan gumamit ng generic ink dahil kaka bul ko lang po kanina. Nagtanung tanung ako pero wala din makasagot. Gusto ko sanang subukan pero medyo delikado yata. Ginagamit ko po kasi ito sa business. Dalawa po ang binili ko kanina dahil nasira na yung tatlong brother na binili ko. Yung 2 ay inabot ng tig 1 year, yung isang huling binili ko naman ay 8 months lang.

        Hopefully na itong epson L300 ay tumagal din sa akin kahit 1 year lang ay solve na ako. Napakadami ko kasing generic ink na naka stock sa shop ko at di ko naman alam kung ano ang gagawin ko sa mga ito kung hindi ko gagamitin kaya natutukso ako na gamitin. Pero bahala na, mag popost na lang ako ulit sir kung anuman ang mangyayari. Regards and God bless!

  63. just check the below link, i have cracked the L 110 printer ink reset without any reset key or any software program.
    warm wishes.

  64. Hi! ask ko po sana if what kaya problem ng Epson L110 ko kasi kapag ngprint ako..same color nman po from the photoshop then yun next po iba na..hindi na po ganon like if nagprint po ako ng dark red yun sunod po don hindi na same medyo ngiging light na po. Hope you can help me po..Thanks po! Mg-1 month pa lng po kasi ito. TIA

  65. Hi I need help!! how can I view the ink level?


  66. Hello Sir,, patulong po.. kapag nag print ako ng 4R.. yung huling part ng paper ay nag lilihis… kaya yung printing nya sa last part is mis-aligned na..

    mali-mali na yung kulay… ganito rin po ba sainyo.?… .. TIA

  67. Is printer worthy if I will take only below 100 pages a month. Will the ink gets clotted inside the printer or printing heads or valves and it may require cleaning every month

  68. I have located the Waste Ink Pads in the Epson L 110 printer. Just click the below link to see the photos and actual procedure to open the Waste Ink Pad chamber.

    warm wishes.

  69. I have also found out a fix to the Waste Ink in Epson L 110 Printer. Please view the following link

    I have tried my level best to re model the Waste Ink Tank in L 110 printer.

    Officially there is no Waste Ink Tank in Epson L 110, but you could add one with your own efforts.

    warm wishes.

  70. Hello, I have been using this printer for more than a year already. And I noticed that my printer has became so slow in printing(one page of nothing but texts would take 3 minutes to print on a normal bond paper) Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it print faster?

    • Hi!

      Parang sakit yan ng epson. I have an epson Picturemate 245 for more than a year now and I am using it for business. Napansin ko at some point while using it continously, after so many 4r prints, babagal siya ng husto. As in ang bagal. at first pag nag on-off ako aayos, pero sa mga susunod na instances, hindi na nafifix. Yung speed ng printer dati is 37 secs to print a 4R picture pag bumagal as much as 2 mins ang printing, pag nagloko ng husto mga 4 mins isng page. Parang sinasadya ng Epson.

  71. Hey I’m looking to print some brochures and stickers, nothing too fanciful just a few simple images ( like a drawing of a flower) in your opinion is the printer good enough to print decent crisp and clear quality images

    Thanks so much for your help! And for the helpful review

    • Parehong pareho tyo sir tyo ng experienCe. May resolution na kyo? Pede po pa share. Nkakainis kaSi. After printinh continously 30 4r colored prints, babagal ng husto to as long as 90 secs per print

  72. My Epson L110 prints colored texts and images. When I tried the black ink, nothing on paper was printed. Prior to this, I was able to print out the first three pages of the text. What could be causing this problem? How could this be solved? Please tell the steps and if you would not mind, with pictures. Really appreciate the help.

  73. Can anyone tell me how accurate are Epson’s numbers of printed pages with 1 bottle of ink? According to Epson you could print up to 4k B&W documents and 6,5k color pages. Can anyone owning the printer confirm that?

    • Just bought printer today and did 500 prints on normal setting. I printed a mixed document with some images and mostly text. My guesstimate is that for my needs i will have to refill black ink in about 1500-2000 prints. Color ink will last longer.
      Quality of prints is decent-good, but the ink drops could be smaller (was used to a better print quality).

    • ITs really an “it depends” answer. It depends on the coverage of the ink on the paper. The number Epson quotes is “usually” based on 5% coverage.So if you print 25% coverage, it only just one page on but used 5 pages of ink. Does that makes sense?

  74. Hi,

    Thanks for the review.

    Have you had the chance to test the printer how it prints the photos on photo paper?
    If yes, could you please share your experience.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello! I’ve tried Kodak photo paper but it did not turned out as I wanted. I can’t get hold of Epson photo paper here in the Philippines which is what I really want to test the printer with.

  75. I refilled black ink and now its almost completely full and the color inks are about halfway full. But the ink light started to flash and i cant get rid of it (it shows that my ink levels should be low, but they arent). Any suggestions, solutions?

  76. Hello!

    I have just bought my own Epson L110 printer yesterday. I’m trying to figure out how to remove white lines every time I print photos both of high or low quality. Btw, the photo prints fine when using HIGH QUality setting for the printer but doesnt print colored pictures without white lines (patterned) when using standard printing option. WHat do i do? I had an older version canon printer before and prints photos/images perfectly with no white patterned lines. This is just frustrating for me. I did nozzle cleaning, head cleaning several times already. First two cleaning removed a lot of white spaces on the test print but 3rd cleaning to the nth time did not remove the last one single space on the black test print. What do i do? Please help. please comment below 😐 thank youu!

    • I am having similar problems with some vertical lines on my prints. Did head realingment, nozzle clean,… and nothing really helped much. They are still there, but fortunately there arent many lines, but still it isnt the way it should be for a printer thats about 1,5 months old.

  77. I have trouble printing. I need help.

  78. Hi. I need help. my epson L110 cannot print properly. Yung mga letters putol putol. Please help. thanks

    • Baka marumi po ang print head? Yun po usually ang cause sa description nyo.

      • My L110 worked so fine until suddenly I experienced feeding problem. I mostly use photopaper (230gsm),vellum (220gsm)& copy paper. Now2 it only accepts copy paper. It does not accept the photopaper & the vellum as it used to be so easily. What seems to be the problem? I bought my unit last Dec. only and I only use the original epson ink.

  79. My Epson L110 can’t print excel files and pdf files! why? how can i print it?

    • If you can print other documents in your computer then that may be an application problem. If not, then that must a printer driver problem.

  80. Can’t feed business card or thick paper

    • Yes, you cannot use that kind of paper with the L110. 8-(


  82. sir epson l 350 error comes it is time to reset ink levels

  83. hi Edwin! ask ko lang. may problem kasi ako sa pag print ng pictures. hindi maalis yung white lines kahit ilang beses na ako nag nozzle check and everything.

    • Aside from Nozzle Check, you should clean the nozzles too.

  84. Yo tengo una Epson L110, casi acabada de comprar. La usa bastante y debo limpiar cabezales frecuentemente. Ahora esta bloqueada con la luz de papel y tinta parpadeando. No la puedo utilizar! Indica que las almohadillas necesitaban servicio, las he limpiado (lavado y secado) Igual sigue el problema. Parece que debo resetear el contador de la almohadilla para lo cual no hay una opción en las propiedades dela gustaría saber como lo hago o si definitivamente la tiro a la basura!! Si me pueden guiar lo agradecería mucho!

  85. how will adjust the epson l110 printer to be able to print on thick paper?

  86. Hi can you use this printer to print on mugs

  87. lights are all blinking, not paper jam coz theres no paper in it. do you what causes it. its just says error on my screen.

    • Check closely inside the rollers if there are bits of paper that may have been torn from a recent paper jam. It fools the sensors at times.

  88. I have recently purchased the digital printer . It is quite smooth in proceeding with its quality features of high speed, image quality etc. and the most important feature of this printer which is highly impressive is about the tank filling system.

  89. Hi there,
    I see it’s been some time since you purchased your Epson L110. I am considering buying this model but have had a very disappointing experience with an Epson S22 so am wary. I am studying and run a home office so my use is modest but reliability is essential and quality must be acceptable for documents with some diagrams and pictures, but not photo quality. We don’t have great backup in case of problems here. Are you still happy with your printer this far down the line?

    • Hello Laura! Yes, I am still with the Epson L110 and still happy with it. My wife is also satisfied with it up to this time. But I think EPSON has already replaced this model with a newer version.

      • Edwin, I really appreciate your prompt response. It’s a big decision and you’ve helped! Here in South Africa the model is still available – in fact I think it’s something new here. Thank you – enjoy the weekend…wherever you are… 🙂

      • Hi Edwin, Just to say I got the printer today. As a non-geek I was easily able to follow the set-up instructions and within about 40 minutes (I took my time) I was printing happily. Thanks for your help and advice.

  90. Hi! Can you print in excel? I can’t print it using my Epson L110.

  91. Comment Hi! Can you print excel, power point and pdf files? I can’t print fles except for MS Word docs.

  92. Hi! I need help, the picture on the screen is blue but the output was red, what should i do? God bless…

    • Please check your ink containers if they still have the required amount.

  93. Recently purchased Epson L110. First three 4 X 6 photos are showing a couple of lines that look like roller indentations and one line similar to this >>>>>>>>>. Using non-Epson photo paper. A brand called Hi Jet. Web site is Using a 230 GSM paper named Platinum Photo Glossy Paper.

    Change paper or do I have more serious problems? New to photo printing, so learning


    • Hello Mike! The paper you are using is too thick and probably the reason why you are seeing those roller indentations. FYI, the Epson L100 is not really a good printer to print photos

  94. Hi, is it possible to border-less printing on this printer? (any tricks)
    What about ink? is it smudge, fade and water resistant?
    what type of ink is it??

  95. Is there any way that i can print borderless?

    • Not that I know of.

  96. If I will be using the non-genuine ink refills, will there be any problems with the printer?

    • Honestly, I have not tried. The inks are cheap already so I do not choose to use it.

  97. EPSON L110 has great functional features. One of it is the ability to produce awesome HD photos. Very informative review .You might also consider reading this blog : Cheap Ink Printers : GOOD or Bad? if you have time. Thank you!otos. Nice review.

  98. I’ve tried cleaning the ink heads, done reinstalling, resetting but still the epson l110 wont print any ink,, it acts like its printing, and the tanks inside the printer have inks, you know how to fix this?

    • Hi! Try checking the hose coming from the cartridge to the head. My experience was that it was pinched somewhere thereby preventing the ink from flowing.

  99. When I drop water droplets of my canon printed printouts, it spread it’s color with water. Is that same problem with Epson L110 Ink???

    • I havent tried but it should be a normal occurence because what we use are inkjets from liquid inks that is absorbed by the paper.

  100. hi can you tell me how many full a4 sized color pics many be printed by set of 4 bottles?

    • I have not really proven what the marketing people of EPSON says because I have not really tracked. What I do know is that their claimed number pages printed is always based on the 5% print coverage. The truth of the 5% is that its only a whole page of 8.5 x 11 paper with double spaced text.

  101. I HAVE epson L110 printer in this printer motor is not rotating what can i do

  102. I have epson l110, and this is d next tym n mgrefill aq ng ink, kya lng bkit ayaw pdin nya mgprint, I follow d same instruction un?g 2nd tym n mgrefill aq.. help nmn poh.. tumigil n s pg blink ung ink button..pls reply

    • I mean the 2nd tym poh n mgrefill aq ng ink.. bka nmn poh nagmamadali lng aq at d p totally nkakadloy ung nxt ink.. hehe

  103. The ink cartridge are stuck what should I do to solve the problem?
    I see paper jam error but I see no paper jammed on the roller

    • I have the same problem right now. I plan on opening my L110 this Saturday and will let you know what happens.


      • Hello guys. I just wanted to ask if anyone of you had to replace waste ink tank pad? I am nearing 20.000 prints and will have to replace it soon. How many prints did you print and did you replace it or not?

  104. why does my epson L110 printer cant print photo using an ordinary photo paper. it doesnt accept the paper though i tried all the sizes but when i put a bond paper it prints. anyone help

  105. Pls help… I tried to print many times with my epson L110 and it always prints blank. I tried nozzle check and head cleaning many times na po and still blank pa rin. i already replaced new ink on it.

  106. paano po ba ang gagawin kung ang quality ng print ay guhit guhit bago naman ang ink pero ganon parin ang quality?kailangan bang ihighquality sya palagi para umayos ang print?yon ang nagiging problem ng printer ko wala pang isang taon kong gamit.nong bagong bili napakaganda ng quality kahit nakastandard lang sya.khit serox lang mukhang original.pero ngayon hindi na maganda kahit pa nireset na ng technician.ang gamit ko po epson L210.

  107. Hi, Edwin, ask ko lang po bakit yung black na ink nag leak below sa printer ang gamit ko po is EPSON L110.

    • Baka po nagli-leak ung ink pad sa loob. Parang sponge un e.

  108. Hi..edwin tanung ko lang po ano problem pag ganito ang lumabas sa monitor ko A printers ink pad is at the end of service life .. EPSON L110 ang gamit ko..kka print ko lang po kagabi.ngayun umaga ayaw na eh..

    • Hello Michael!

      It means puno na ng ink ang ink pad mo. Dyan napupunta ang ink pag naglilinis ng head. Parang ung excess ink sa head dyan din dinadala ng printer kaya napupuno yan. Ang alam ko pinapalitan talaga yan. Di ko lang sure kung worth it.

  109. Hi Edwin.
    I baught my Printer L110 on May 2014 and until now the counter counted 36178 prints! Not bad I guess, but I have a problem now… When I try to print, the printer pass the paper and the error LED will be on, then no print! is there any parts I have to replace or I should bring it to service center in Santa Rosa?! I am in Calamba. If you want, I can capture and send the problem.

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