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How to Make a National Legend Like Manny Pacquiao Look Bad?

Publish an advertisement with him showing looking all soooo tough but his watch is upside down, that’s how.

I just laid down and opened a copy of the November 2010 copy of Total Fitness Magazine where Manny was the cover. I see Manny again in the Victorinox Swiss Army watch ad at the inside front cover. I was marveling at the watch and my eyes went to the one he was wearing and noticed that the watch looked kind of odd. I inspected it closely and saw that the watch he was wearing was upside down!! Try it with your own watch and wear it like the one in the ad. Its totally wrong.

It is a total Photoshop fail. His left arm, the one wearing the watch, looked kind of out of place. The art director of this ad should have noticed it–he may have even tolerated it so that the watch would “look good” in the ad. Poor Victorinox, their marketing people may have not been doing quality control. Why would they even allow this to a legend? Maybe they thought people won’t figure it out?

Click on the photo for a larger version.

Here is the full page ad from the November 2010 issue of Total Fitness

Here is a medium shot so that you will see that I am not doing a thing to the ad.

Here is a closer look. Inspect it yourself. Or better yet, go buy an issue of Total Fitness November 2010 issue.


  1. Valid!

  2. Sir, I agree! He is not wearing it the right way and the watch seems way below where it should be worn. Poor Manny, he won all his fights, but to this, I think Manny and photoshop failed.

  3. and here they thought they have gotten away with it. haha. and manny is a lefty. his watch should be worn in his other arm (unless he’s like some people who wears their watch on their dominant hand).

    • yes Manny is a lefty.

      & that is y i think they had to put it that way upside down so d readers could see d watch ad..

      juz imagine if it is rightly placed – d readers need to turn d magazine instead. it’s tricky huh?

    • so 4d purpose of the swiss victorinox ad only.

      i am sure w/ victorinox’ stature it wld really do a total ad QC..

  4. well its still a good branding since the watch is facing towards the viewer. i guess manny doesnt mind about it he was paid probably good in this ad.

    • Good branding at the expense of a national legend? I would’t let that happen to me if I was Manny. C’mon, if Manny knew that I would suppose he won’t allow it. Or probably his publicist or handlers would not allow it.

  5. the art director was in a bind here. he’s caught between making manny wear the watch the right way and making the viewer of the ad see the watch the right way. if manny wore the watch properly then it would look upside down in the photo which would seem bad selling-wise (would you make your mannequin stand on its head in a show window?) on the other hand, if he wore it upside down for the ad viewer’s benefit (which is what they went for here, what you called “look good”) then it would look stupid in the real-world sense.

    what this ad reveals is that the people behind it didn’t have an overall sense of the entire production. because as we can all see the watch is prominently displayed in the foreground anyway! if they knew that this was the eventual look then there was no need to show it right side up on manny’s wrist at all

    • Which is my point Alex! They had another image of the watch in front of the audience a lot bigger and more prominent. My eyes went first to this watch, afterwards, I went to Manny’s wrist, that is when I noticed it. You can clearly see the watch guys! How much clearly does it have to get? I’d bet that Manny did not know they would do this. Or we can imagine the art director whispering to the photographer, “Pare, ipo-photoshop ko na lang ung watch.” Ganun?

  6. Clearly you’re not familiar with the layout rules in advertising photography. The target audience of the watch is not Manny. The watch is obviously laid out to favor the people looking at the ad. This is called creative license. Creative license allows for some slack and permissible errors when it comes to these things. Thus, to the perspective of the audience, the watch is actually right side up. The product would always have priority over anything else in the layout.

    • In my personal opinion this is an abuse of creative license. I work as a Corporate Communications Manager at a non-profit and I would not let this happen to my CEO who I need to protect. Yes, the audience is not Manny, but his reputation is at stake here too. We all know that people love Manny because of his boxing skills, not how he wears a watch. BTW, would YOU wear a watch like that? I don’t think so. One can also take that the photographer and the art director did not have the “creative time” to think of an alternative to make this layout true. I know how deadline work. Its tough but you will also need to stand up to what you do. If I were the art director, I would be humiliated with this kind of work.

      • Precisely why you’re only working in a non-profit and not in a big ad agency.

        • In that case, I really hope YOU don’t work in a big ad agency. Clearly, you condone the abuse of creative license.

      • Unfortunately for you I do work as an Executive Creative Director in one of the biggest Ad Agencies in the Philippines. I worked off our branch in Manchester for 3 years, and the product is ALWAYS given priority regardless of who the endorser is. But you really have no way of knowing who I am do you? And frankly I don’t really care. Cos you’re just some little middle class Sea Nigger who takes some really bad photos and can hardly feed his family with his barely there wages from the non profit organization he works with. I guess I too would have a lot of time to blog about other people’s work if I had a job like yours.

        • Of course you are, Jorge. Of course you are. 😉

          Just to be clear. As a big shot ECD, this layout, with the watch worn in the wrong manner, is OK with you?

          Although I don’t see why its “unfortunate” for me. For your “big ad agency,” maybe.

        • you may have a point there jorge. you’re aware of the practices in the industry. what may seem wrong to uninitiated eyes may be acceptable, even desirable, to you people. but my goodness, your insecurity is so deep-seated it’s not even funny anymore. and why may i ask is mr. executive-creative-director-who-has-better-things-to-do-than-blog hanging around a blog that’s clearly below his “sublime” level?

        • @Jorge, are you serious with what you are saying? The way you talk, I doubt you are really who you say you are. Someone as insecure as you will never make it higher than a messenger in an ad agency.

  7. so youre saying all the rolex ads are wrong cause they dont follow the same layout rules in advertising photography?

  8. Maybe they just really wanted to show the watch. I think that’s it.

    Because if the watch was placed the way it should, they people will have to turn their heads to see it.

    The ad should have been done differently.

    Good observation though.

    • Most probably Rodney, kaya lang, as I mentioned in a separate reply to another commenter, other brands and endorsers “wore” the watch correctly. 😎

  9. the ad agency, the photographer and the client overlooked this ad. Manny had worn the watch upside down unintentionally…
    “Palusot na lang po nila ang creative license na yan para hindi mapahiya ang buong group…”

  10. Yah,I agree with you rod,the watch is purposely upsidedown to emphasise the model of the watch.I say this because I was working before in a watch showroom,and we even have that brand what Manny wears in the add.
    Sometimes,to add or display some items we have to do something that could attract an attention,that is why
    sometimes we put it upsidedown or whatever,it is a matter of art,isnt it????So,guys dont fell strange when you see next time like what Manny wears in the add.


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