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House of Mon

I had the the distinct honor of covering “House of Mon”, a most wonderful concert that was organized by musical director, Mon Faustino for the benefit of the medical needs of his brother, Tek Faustino, who was stricken with stroke.

It was an amazing ensemble of singers that Mon has worked with in the music industry. Of course, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V., was there to give his full support who sang with Tek on stage and with the concert king, Martin Nievera.

Things were kicked off by Mon’s former PowerPlay member, Judith Banal who was later joined by Ms. Tricia Amper-Jimenez. After this number the Trumpets gang went on stage and had great fun being together again. Check out the groupie they did with The Company’s Sweet Plantado who was left on stage with Mon after the Trumpets production number.

Next on stage came the Divine Diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla, who was looking a beautiful as ever despite admitting that she is already 51. She enthralled the crowd with her song number with a voice that hasn’t changed a bit.

Tek’s wife, Emcy, went up the stage with actress and singer, Isay Alvarez and sang songs that was soothing to the soul. It was truly a very remarkable number for everyone seeing as how Emcy was such a doting wife to Tek.

Emcy and Isay were quickly followed by singer Jamie Rivera who kept teasing Mon about his crush with Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez. It was really fun watching them, friends, through thick and thin.

After Jamin, came power belter, Bituin Escalante. It was the first time I heard her sing and she floored the audience with her song number which was truly mesmerizing. Powerful is the word!

Guitarist extra-ordinaire, Maki Ricafort, provided a solo number which proved Mon’s description of him having a great voice.

Two ladies went up next, Aicelle Santos and Jonalyn Viray. They wowed the crowd with their number which I saw, and heard, during practice sessions and they were truly amazing. Praktis pa lang performance level na!

Two younger ladies came next, Katrina Velarde and Monique Lualhati who sang their rendition of Jessie J’s Flashlight. They had a fun time on-stage and these two really hit it with the audience who sang along with them with gusto.

And then came the duo of Gary V and Martin who was his usual wacky self. You kinda miss this kind of performances, you know.

After the stage was darkened came Asia’s nightingale, Lani Misalucha, who sang one number which was soooo bitin! My wife really wanted to see her perform that night but was unable to come due to unforeseen circumstances so I just had to describe the atmosphere to her–almost everyone getting hypnotised by the power of her song.

The last number was the Trumpets Gang going on stage again, this time with director Freddie Santos in tow. Direk Freddie did not sing, instead opting to rendering something like a¬†poem with his “godly” voice ringing Music Museum.

In the last photo in the gallery is the photo of Mon singing Georgia for the night’s encore. It was truly a memorable night.

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