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GIVEAWAY: Two (2) Copies of 2015 Certified Positive Planners

certified-positive-2015-plannerHERE IS A NEW GIVEAWAY! For one (1) week you will have a chance to enter in my CERTIFIED POSITIVE PLANNER GIVEAWAY!

All entries will get the opportunity to win one (1) of two (2) 2015 Certified Positive Planners. Check out below how to join:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About the 2015 Certified Positive Planner

I first encountered the Certified Positive Planner last year when the creator of this beautiful planner partnered with our organization, CBN Asia. I did not really took notice during that time but the name stuck. Then I was looking for a planner this year and I stumbled upon this year’s (or next year’s) Certified Positive planner. I searched for the creator who I found out to be Ms. Bea Tesoro, a hardworking and creative woman of God. It is her passion to reach out to those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus yet and this is one way that wants to realize that.

The 2015 Certified Positive Planner is chockful of resources for the planner in you. It also includes resources to enhance your walk with God. You also get to know various celebrities who have come to know Jesus, how their life was before and how they were transformed by the love of God.

I already bought two planners for our organization and asked for prizes for this giveaway. Bea was extremely generous and accommodating so make sure that we help her get these planners to as many people as possible. Don’t forget to visit the Certified Positive Facebook page HERE and their website HERE.


  1. Test

  2. Certified Positive !!! Enter to get a chance to win!

  3. Hi Everyone, have a blessed day….

  4. Certified positivity is all about a light perspective; practice it and soon enough people around you will be infected by your positivity!

  5. Planners!

  6. would be very glad to have one, wishing much!

  7. I really want to have this planner. I’m still taking my baby steps toward knowing Jesus and this planner will really help me. God bless everyone. πŸ™‚

  8. Currently renewing my faith in God so I could teach and develop my son’s love for God. I believe this planner will be an instrument to keep me organized while im homeshooling my son. πŸ™‚

  9. To help a person be certified positive about his life, I am going to share to him the life of Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. Placing our trust in Jesus and not worrying can make a person be certified positive about life. Jesus can change hearts and so as our perspective in life as a whole.

  10. With this planner I could share to my bestfriend how to be a Certified Positive person. I’ve prayed for provision so I can give her one so we can renew our faith and positivity together next year.

  11. be a positive person yourself. set an example.

  12. To help other to become certified positive, I have to be certified positive myself. Embracing positivity and having it dominate you from the core will help you shine the light effortlessly, from the inside out. πŸ™‚

  13. Being positive myself would would help set an example for others to lead a positive outlook in life themselves.

  14. Since I have Christ in me, I’ll be a vessel of positivity to others. I’ll help and encourage them, i’ll smile at them, i’ll let them know that everything happens for a purpose and everything in this world is under God’s control. I’ll also share GOD to them and His promises. In short, i’ll be a salt and light to others.

  15. What can you do to help others become Certified Positive people?

    Show and tell them how God has been through my life. Being is positive in life is having God in your life. Trust everything to him and he will do the rest πŸ™‚

  16. To have a positive life you must first have a positive mind. You can’t expect positive things to happen in your life if you, yourself is always negative. Inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad vibes. GOD wants to be positive always.

  17. Share the love that comes Jesus.

  18. I think I can help other become Certified Positive by starting with myself. With prayers, I am able to focus more on what is good rather than what is bad. It helps to combat the permeating negativity in this world. After all, you cannot give what you don’t have so it helps to start with oneself to be able to gove the best of ourselves to others.

  19. corrections please – I think I can help others become Certified Positive by starting with myself. With prayers, I am able to focus more on what is good rather than what is bad. It helps to combat the permeating negativity in this world. After all, you cannot give what you don’t have so it helps to start with oneself to be able to give the best of ourselves to others.

  20. I’ll give them advice that positive energy will attract lots of blessings. always look at the positive side.

  21. By sharing smiles and laughter

  22. Get a certified positive planner!!!

  23. I would love to win this! Very helpful not only for my schedules but also for my spiritual time.

  24. I hope I win! I wanted a certified positive planner last year pa kaso naubusan sila ng 2014. Sanaaa this time para Christmas gift πŸ˜‰

    • pick me!!!

  25. i hope i’ll win…

  26. Always mind your actions and thoughts.

  27. I hope I win this planner. I’m pretty sure it will help me renew my relationship with our Creator.

  28. I will stay positive so others will be positive!

  29. I want one! πŸ™‚

  30. I believe in taking steps one at a time. The simple reminders that the Certified Positive planners give each day would help me do just that!

  31. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” – Proverbs 19:21. It will be cool to have a planner that will remind me to stay in line with God’s will every single day! πŸ™‚

  32. “i can help others be certified positive people by encouraging them whenever they go through trials in life..

  33. I can help others become Certified Positive people by sharing to them how good and gracious our Lord is. I will share to them how our Lord give me strength for the everyday challenges and always guide me to the good things that He prepared for me. Through this, they can discover more the good things that our Lord is preparing for them and establish a personal relationship with Him.

  34. This is another life changing journal. It will help me to challenge my everyday, to better my everyday. And also not just me but i’ll be starting my journey with husband. We will include this during our QT (quality time). Growing our live and started the journey with #certifiedpostive planner. πŸ™‚

  35. I can help others become “Certified Positive” by being a living testimony of how good God is in my life. That no matter how many circumstances I face, I will always wake up with a smile on my face because I know that I have a faithful God and knowing that God is with me always is the ultimate reason why I can be CERTIFIED POSITIVE! πŸ™‚

  36. It’s worth to have this planner as a gift, it would be very helpful on my daily journey with Jesus. While I’m growing in my faith I can also encourage and help others closer to Jesus.

  37. By the grace of God as a salt and light, I can able to help others to be certified positive by means of giving a words of encouragement, by saying a simple “God bless you”. A simple smile, a whisper of prayer, tapping one’s back. Above all, by sharing God’s love and faithfulness to me, that in one way or another they too can be experience. Praying to win a planner. God bless!

  38. Thank you for having this kind of raffle. Sharing the positive character. God bless πŸ™‚

  39. I can help them be Certified Positive people by being a certified positive person myself πŸ™‚ I just need to be an encouragement and a blessing even in the smallest ways possible.

  40. God bless you all πŸ™‚

  41. I need this planner!!!!

  42. Spread the word out!
    Certified positive is not just a new trend in the world of planners but dude this is Life changing and self impacting, all through the grace of our Lord, and this indeed will source out positivity in our nation πŸ˜‰

    Cheer on!

  43. To help others become a Certified Positive person, one must first become a Certified Positive person by being God-centered, optimistic, and encouraging.

  44. Wow. The planner was awesome. First time to see it. πŸ˜€

  45. To help others become a certified positive person I will shared, liked and post in what I’ve learned from the planner i bought…and if given a chance to win this contest i will share this as gift to the person I’ve know they need it too.

  46. It’s having God in our hearts and lives that we can experience true positivity all the time!:) May God touch your hearts and change your lives radically that you may cause others to want what you have!;) God bless!:)

  47. I can help other to become Certified Positive people by influencing them not to complain in their shortcomings and challenges in life. We all have our problems and difficulties but we need to have a positive outlook and good vibes. We need to learn an attitude of being grateful and counting our blessings and not our trials. At the end of the day, God is always in control and everything happens for a reason.

  48. I can help others to be a certified positive by making them realize that they were not alone. That there is God who will accompany them in yheir journey. Whether happy or sad.

    Read more:

  49. Teaching them to think positive and sharing them positive thoughts.

  50. I can help people become Certified Positive not just by teaching them how to be positive but as well as becoming a living testimony of how a certified positive person lives. Demonstrating it to them, in my opinion, is the best way to help them be certified positive as well!

  51. I believe being happy and positive is contagious, if I myself be positive – people around will follow. And we’ll all be spreading good vibes πŸ™‚

  52. Being certified positive starts by having a firm foundation with God. If I am to help others I should start with myself and share the revelations I have from Him. it’s not about how good I am but how I work on my weakness by first acknowledging Him being with me, in me, and for me.

    It’s helping others grow towards God.

  53. The least I can do is to genuinely love people and help them become who their true identity in Christ is! be blessed!

  54. this is nice. . . this will help a lot in my daily walk with the Lord, especially now that I have found a new fire and direction in my walk with the Lord.

  55. I want πŸ™‚ God bless us all

  56. by being positive myself, setting an example

  57. I can help people to be a Certified Positive people by sharing God’s Word to them. But it is more powerful if we live out God’s Word. Because as children of God we are the living evidence that God is alive and that God loves them. Let us not only encourage people but let us show them how our God affects our daily lives. ^_^

  58. Share God’s Word! πŸ™‚

  59. Always give a warm and genuine smile to people. It could mean a lot to someone undergoing a lot of crazy things. Also, like I always do, I try to get people to see the positive side of things.

  60. By telling them that We have a big God who love us so much. Whatever situation we face, remember Jesus care for us.

  61. By sharing the Gospel! Nothing more, nothing less! πŸ™‚

  62. I can be a certified positive influence to others by continuously being a good-hearted person. I know it’s not easy to do but If you have a happy heart and you honestly seek the goodness in others everything will flow smoothly. I love making people smile and I love being happy πŸ™‚

  63. Certified Positive!!! Having this 2015 planner could help my work as a Dj πŸ™‚ .. wherein; surely every step of the day will be a Blessed day .. And i really love to have this <3 πŸ™‚ ..God bless πŸ™‚

  64. My sister always reminds me to always be positive,thinik positive and everything will be easy. I always pray to the Lord to keep me safe and healthy for my mother and children.

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