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Blogging Tip: To Keep or not to Keep Your Voice

In my earlier post, I talked about knowing your voice. You can read it here. Now, i’ll talk about keeping that voice.

A question that came to my mind is this: “Why should I keep this voice?” Should I maintain a voice when I’m happy and even if I feel sad? On one hand you should always maintain, whatever you may be feeling that day. On the other hand, changing your voice, to a certain extent, may elicit readership. Let’s check both sides out.

Maintaning Your Voice
Keeping your voice based on your conscious decision earlier on in your blogging adventure is a good thing. Your audience will get to know you. Your writing will become more intimate to your visitors. They will come to expect what to read from your site. This is certainly a good thing.

Once your voice “clicks” with your audience, they will become more and more comfortable with you. A familiar voice, much like how you know your mother’s voice, is encouraging and builds confidence on the part of your readers. That is why you need to discipline yourself when you intend to blog. You should maintain your voice if you are happy, more so when you are sad, afraid or agitated. When you change your voice, your visitors will take notice easily and you may either disappoint them, shoo them away or make them more eager to come back. That is a risk.

Changing Voice
If you decide to change your voice then you have to do it intentionally–and sincerely. Don’t change your voice just for the sake of changing it. You should have a reason for changing it.

One last thing, if you do change your voice, just make sure to return to your “normal voice” outside of blogging.

If you are going to change your voice then do so in the right time. When is the right time, you may ask? This could probably be in times of emergencies of disasters. It could be when you discover something. There are appropriate times to change your voice.

Changing your voice can convey to your audience that you have another side besides the one they always read or hear about. It gives you mystery and may incite interaction with your readers. They may seek to want to get to know you more.

Changing voices may also reflect your mood that is part of your personality. How long you keep that “temporary” voice is up to you. Your readers may appreciate it and get excite about your change of “direction”, or you may lose some of or many of your audience. Just like keeping your voice, changing has its own set of risks. Probably more than maintaining it.

One last thing, if you do change your voice, just make sure to return to your “normal voice” outside of blogging. 😎

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