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I think I need to let you know who I am. I’m Edwin Arceo and I live in the Philippines. I work for a CBN Asia or Christian Broadcasting Network Asia. I manage a great group of people at Corporate Communications. I have a wife and two sons. One is 16 and the other is nine.

I also believe in God. I believe that He created the universe and everything in it. I believe that He love me and you. I believe that I should have a personal relationship with Jesus that is why in September of 1989, I prayed to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. I never regretted it, ever.

I love to take photos (obviously) and especially like taking people photos, portraits, weddings as against to landscape (when I travel its for work, not for shooting) and wildlife (I went to the zoo with a camera once).

I also like to write. I like to write devotional kind of sutff (I think thats all the writing I can do today) short, sweet and hopefully, encouraging.

I do love design and creative work. Me and my wife, Emy, loves great , smart and environmentally conscious design. I don’t get to do much design right now but would love to design websites. this blog is a lame attempt at it although this is not my design. The theme I used for this was made by the guys at These guys are incredibly cretative!

They say I have a gift for teaching. I may agree, but I also need a whole lot of learning myself. That is why reading is an important part of my life. In the year, 2010, I’ve read more books than I did my past 39 years.

Things About Me:

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  1. sir i want to join in your business 🙂

  2. Child Abuse, Jericho Rosales, Kimberley Jones & Pastor Joey Rafael Licence Number‏
    Why does Pastor Joey @ New Life, Manila, lend his support to wrongdoing and what my Vicar here in Lancashire, UK, calls “injustices” and “inhuman acts”?

    Quote; “New Life is about loving with all our HEART, praising with all our MIGHT, and serving with all our LIFE, our Lord Jesus.”

    Well actually, no it is not. Pastor Joey refuses to show his love for me with all his HEART, or indeed, answer my questions!

    What is this guy afraid of? What is the story about clergy, cover ups and child abuses in Manila?

    What sort of Christian teaching does he promote that rewards wrongdoing and wrongdoers?

    Over to you Pastor Joey, so I can share your explanations with my Vicar, Les. If you would like to see his comments on your inhuman acts, behaviour in full please let me know.

    My Vicar also said “This I do know, though: God is not mocked and it is His judgement which will be final”.

    Are you mocking God Pastor Joey?

    • uhhm, so why are you posting this comment on my blog?

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